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15 Must Have Tools for Every New Homeowner

Buying a new home is a meritorious act that comes with a lot of joy. While rejoicing, you must not forget to have your tools and safety box around to cater for any emergency and carry out necessary home improvement tasks. Ensure your toolbox have the following tool and gears

Drill and Drill Bits

A power tool such as an electric drill is a tool that comes handy for a lot of tasks. Ensure you buy a pack of drill bits of different sizes and functions to enable you effectively carry out any repair and home improvement task in your new home.

Adjustable Wrench

With an adjustable wrench, you would not need a full set of wrenches. This is because it can be adjusted to fit different bolts and nuts.


Next on our list of must have tool is the hammer. Get two hammers of different sizes as they are required for different tasks. A heavy sized hammer is perfect for bigger nails. Ensure the bigger sized hammer you purchase is a claw hammer as it will be perfect for outdoor repair works.

Extension Cord

Another important tool is the extension cord as it can be used to lit up dark areas around the house and can also be used to tap electricity in case you have an outdoor party.


This is a universal cutting tool with a sharp jagged blade. It is extremely important during repair work to cut through metals, wood, bottle, pipe and other hard materials.

A Variety of Hardware

This consists of nails, bolts, nuts and screws of different types and sizes. They come handy when you have any fastening operation to carry out in or outside the house.

Measuring Tape

This tool is an important tool when you have any measurement task to carry out. It gives you the most needed precision when carrying out any project. For measurements of compound or part of a room, buy a 25’ measuring tape. It is usually retractable and lockable.

Utility Knife

Utility knife is important for cutting, scraping and scratching home repair task and it should be in your tool box.

Step Stool

This is important for standing on when you want to change light bulbs around the house as well as remove cobwebs from the corners of the rooms.


Ensure screwdrivers get a space in your tool box even if you have a battery powered drill in it. Screwdrivers are important for simple jobs like tightening screws on a TV hanger or tightening a kitchen cabinet that does not require you to plug and use an electric drill.

Buy screwdriver of different sizes or buy one that has interchangeable head that you can switch to match the type of screw or bolt you want to tighten or loosen.

Scrapper / Putty Knife

This simple hand tool is great for scraping worn paint and flaky surfaces as well as removing old decorative coverings. It is a multipurpose tool that can be used in the garden as well as the garage.


This tool is useful for clearing blockages in drains and pipes. If you rent an apartment and have no need of doing any home improvement then you should have this available: lest you pay the plumber anytime your pipe or drainage is blocked.


Pliers also made this list. Ensure you have them in different size and types. They are important for gripping or holding wires and pipes for repair works as well as stripping wires for electrical works.

A set of Hex or Allen Key

This is a great tool when it comes to repair of kid toys and bicycle. They usually comes in a piece made up of different sizes. Having one set in your tool box will do no harm.

Safety Gears

Safety gears are important to protect yourself while carrying out any repair or improvement task in the house. You should have of a pair of rubber and plastic glove for gardening and cleaning respectively. Goggles are also important to protect your eyes and ear protection is also good to protect your ears from noise while using equipment like the rotary hammer. Ensure you also buy a dust protector to protect your nose and airway from dust.

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