Pipe Cleaner 0.25″ x 15′ (Canister Auger)

Pipe Cleaner 0.25″ x 15′ (Canister Auger)


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Suitable for clearing bathtub/bathroom drains and kitchen sink

Flexible and suitable for most pipe clearing. Environmentally-friendly with no toxic chemicals required

Suitable for use on iron and PVC pipes

“Snake” can be stored in drum to keep it tidy

1/4 inch by 15 feet long which is good enough to clear most household drains

Operating Instructions

1. Hold the “snake” and loosen the metal thumb screw to allow the “snake” be pulled out of the housing

2. Pull the “snake” out and push it into the clogged pipe

3. If you can’t get the “snake” through the blockage in the pipe, tighten the metal thumb screw, press the handle and “snake” towards the pipe and turn the hand crank clockwise to break up the blockage. You may fill the clogged pipe with water to assist in removing the blockage

4. Once the “snake” is able to continue its journey in the pipe, you can then loosen the screw and continue to repeat the above steps 1-4 until the “snake” gets through all the blockages

5. When you have successfully removed all the blockages in the pipe, you can then pull the “snake” out and clean it thoroughly with water. After the “snake” is dry, coat it with oil before pulling the “snake” into the housing


1. Do not use excessive force during usage. When you hit a blockage, please rotate clockwise while pushing the “snake” up and down. You can also rotate the hand crank counter clockwise while pushing the “snake” up and down to free up the blockage

2. When releasing the metal thumb screw that locks the “snake” in place, be wary that tension may have built up as the “snake” was rotated. Please be careful with the “snake” around others. This is NOT a toy!


Self collection at Eunos Industrial Estate (location will be advised upon payment)

Delivery available at a charge of $10 within 3 working days

Free delivery for orders above $150!

Weight 0.120 kg


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