Smart Paints Lacquer Thinner 88

Smart Paints Lacquer Thinner 88


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Improves paint consistency

Reduce risk of imperfection

Ensure area to be painted is clean, dry and prepared for painting per manufacturer’s instructions

Ratio of thinner to paint should be mixed in accordance with paint manufacturer’s guidelines

All equipment used in mixing the thinner and paint should be clean and dry. When mixing paint and thinner together, do use accurate measures and add thinner to paint slowly. Stir and mix thoroughly before application

Wet a lint-free cloth with lacquer thinner 88 and wipe surface to remove dried residue

Self collection at Eunos Industrial Estate (location will be advised upon payment)

Delivery available at a charge of $10 within 3 working days

Free delivery for orders above $150!

Weight 0.450 kg


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